Until the past decade, Software Testing was a process:, which used to go along with the Software Development, but later it has been emerged as a separate sector, and now is a crucial part for ensuring Quality to the developed software. Software Testing is a trade-off between budget, time and quality. It is noted that testing is rarely taught in the academic curriculum of BTech, BCA or MCA, whereas they concentrate more on coding aspects of IT fields. But on checking it out in the industry, one can find that Software Testing is creating equal opportunities to that of development. Especially, in the post-recession era, India is being emerged as the new hub for Software Testing.

The purpose of testing can be ensuring quality, verification and validation, or reliability estimation to the developed software testing is classified into Manual Testing and Automation Testing. The skilled professionals are highly sought after in the industry for testing job opportunities like Test Designers, Automation Developers, Test Administrators, Database Testers, Test Leads, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Professionals etc.

To start a career in Software Testing, you need to get an advanced testing training as per the industrial standards. It is a skilled profession, and the practical exposure you gain in this field is considered far better than simply taking up a theoretical software testing training. Taking this fact into considering, with an objective of nurturing industry-fit Software Testing Professionals, APTRON offers a unique job-oriented Software Testing Training Program.

What makes it unique is the kind of experience one can acquire at the end of the program by going through the real-time projects and getting on-the-job experience. The aim of our Software Testing Training Program is to impart the IT skills as well as expertise rather than just remaining with bookish information. The training modules are designed in such way to fine-tune the skills of the IT aspirants in finding and reporting differences between the actual behavior of a software product and its expected behavior in a hypercritical manner. Many of our trainees who work for APTRON as well as in the IT industry all over the world are the proof of our successful endeavor, which makes APTRON one of the best IT training center in Delhi.

Software Testing Training in Delhi

Software Testing means validation of a software or system component to figure out one or more characteristics of interest. Overall, these properties points the extent to which the component or system under test.

  • Meets the requirements that guided its design and development.
  • Responds accurately to all kinds of inputs.
  • Meet its functions within an adequate time.
  • It is abundantly usable.
  • Can be installed and run in its intended environments.
  • Acquire the general result of stakeholder’s desire.

Software Testing Training: End to End Training on a meaningful Project

We picked a meaningful application and start with:

  • SRS review
  • Writing Test Scenarios
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Data Identification
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Management
  • Status Reporting
  • Metric Collection

Software Testing Training in Delhi:

APTRON’s Software testing training in Delhi extensively covers several advanced concepts of software testing and their implementations on testing real-time projects. The software testing course at APTRON give the students opportunity to gain hands-on experience with several commonly used testing tools such as: Load Runner, QTP, HP QC etc. With a world class infrastructure and a team of experienced trainers APTRON is the best software testing training institute in Delhi that emphasizes on the principle of learning by doing assuring that the students become capable of applying their knowledge on real-time testing projects. APTRON is the best Software Testing Training Institute in Delhi that offers job oriented software testing training to develop professional skills among the learners. Highly experienced trainers conduct the software testing training at APTRON.

Software Testing Training in Delhi | Software Testing Training Institute in Delhi

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